MICROMILL, a High Efficiency Refining Ball Mill, is the latest ball mill with stunning functions developed by Triple-Sonic Enterprise. It provides the strict demands of speedy and fine grinding of glaze materials with its unique module-centered design that makes high efficiency grinding and automated cyclic operations possible.


High Efficiency Refining Ball Mill uses highly wearing-resistant Aluminum oxide ceramic balls comes with a 
stainless steel tank devised with circulatory water-cooling system for storage.

Weight kg 150
Installed power kw 5.5
Number of motor poles - 4
Min. capacity Lt. / batch 3
Max. capacity Lt. / batch 65
Min. grinding time min 5
Microsphere capacity kg 3.2
Sphere diam. mm 3.5-4.5
Max. water inlet temperature 30
Max. water inlet pressure bar 1
Max. air inlet pressure bar 1
Max. production Lt. 65