Infra-Red Dryer HD-600 / HD-900 / HD-1200

Infra-Ray Dryer is taking the primary air for complete combustion, and transmit the heatness by radiation. This kind of infra-red which the length of waves (2-6um) will be absorbable by high molecule. The special strong absorbent is the best way of energy saving, also it is more cleanness and hygiene. This is the best heating and drying operations to promote the products quality.

Infra-Ray Dryer is mainly used for drying the moisture in the surface pore of polished tile prior to its waxing, and permeating wax into the pore to increase the tiles stain resisting effect, stabilize tiles chromatism after pick-up, and effectively prevent the waxing from being deterioration during storage and transport. It can also use for surface dehydration of rough glazed tiles and archaized tiles after their glazing but prior to their firing, and the surface dehydration of rough permeating tiles after their wetting and glazing but prior to their firing. As it generates no stress, defects such as surface lacunules, edge cracks and surface cracks can be effectively reduced.


  1. Higher thermal efficiency, it has strictly measured temperature-distributing curve and an ideal temperature can be chosen according to different drying targets; temperature is easy to control.
  2. Small sizes and weight, easy to connect to production lines. It needs no burning and complicated piping, and gives out no oil smog, and will not influence the surface quality of rough tiles.
  3. Lower energy consumption. After blowed by two 7.5kw blowers, and dried on line, a hot-wind kiln drying effect will be obtained for the polished tiles. And the energy consumption is only equivalent to that of the kiln blower for drying, and at least 20kw less than that of electric heating tube.
  4. Easy operation and higher reliability. The application duration of radiation tube is up to 5,000 hours.
  5. The heat case is with refractory cotton, which is able to avoid heat dissipation effectively, and the internal temperature is up to 350℃ maximum.
  6. Both chain-type and roller-type transmissions are available.
SERIES : HD-600 / HD-900 / HD-1200

★Use for drying after polished.